Acuity’s primary purpose is Deepening Relationship. When we do this together, we grow your business.


We are a strategic marketing company with a unique outlook on how business should be done. Our customer-focused approach allows for low turnover and long-term relationships with our partners around the country.


We provide specialized marketing solutions to achieve tangible results. We are focused on deepening relationship among our partners and within our company to produce strategic results that truly make a difference.


Our focus on strategy over individual tactics allows us to develop a clear plan that keeps our partners and ourselves accountable for each doing our part to grow your business. We only work with partners whom fully buy in to our philosophy.


Our greatest asset is our team. Our unique focus on relationship is what drives our commitment to each other and towards our long-term partners. Meet the team that makes it all come together:

Amanda Haynes

I like being part of Acuity because we work together as an entire group verses individual sections within a company.

Amanda Haynes
Dan Humfreville

I like being part of Acuity because it's a highly talented and entertaining group committed to being the best they can be for our customers.

Dan Humfreville
Greg Emmert

I like being part of Acuity because we all share the value of relationships and making a better experience for those around us.

Greg Emmert
IT Systems
Ida Krause

I like being part of Acuity because I enjoy working with an amazing team of talented individuals in a positive environment.

Ida Krause

I like being part of the Acuity team because I am inspired by being part of a team that values the contributions and creativity of each member.

Jennifer Taylor
John Manolakis

I like being part of Acuity because it provides a vibrant and enthusiastic work environment!

John Manolakis
Accounting / Finance
Jordan Pincu

I like being part of Acuity because I enjoy the challenges of taking a customer from worst to first in their market!

Jordan Pincu
PR & Promotions
Ken Grupe

I like being part of Acuity because there is nothing better than working with a group of highly talented and motivated people.

Ken Grupe
Strategy Pilot

I like being part of Acuity because our shared goals require each of us to elevate to achieve collective greatness.

Lance Jackson
Strategy Pilot
Mary Newton

I like being part of Acuity because it's the best group of professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with and that translates to success for our clients.

Mary Newton

I like being part of Acuity because individuality and creativity are encouraged....and not just from the creative staff...account people are creative too!

Melanie Luken

I like being part of Acuity because teamwork is at the core of how we operate.

Ryan Rockett
Traffic & Operations
Shawn Haynes

I like being part of Acuity because it’s rewarding to see the growth our clients, our company, and the relationships we have with everyone involved.

Shawn Haynes
Todd Reynolds

I like being part of Acuity because the varied talents and personalities collectively pursue excellence and the common goal of creating results.

Todd Reynolds
Strategy Pilot
Tom Han Web1

I like being part of Acuity because I get to use my experience to collaborate as a team member with our clients and take special pride in sharing in their success.

Tom Hansen
T Haynes Web

I like being part of Acuity because…each person on the team takes total personal responsibility for their own successes and failures. I am truly “Glad to be here.``

Tom Haynes
Strategy Pilot

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There’s no better referral than from a successful partner. Here are some unadulterated views of our capabilities – straight from the mouths of believers:

Richard Boyd

GM, Cowboy KIA of Conroe

“Acuity really gets the car business like no other agency I have ever worked with. They know what works to sell more cars.”
Christian Simon

GM, Lexus of Sacramento

Mark Kolon

GSM, Classic Chevy Sugar Land

Patrick McKeehan

GM, Lexus of Roseville

“More from our partners coming soon...”
Cale Wood

GSM/Partner, Elk Grove Ford

Strategic Partners

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Suite 130.342
League City, Texas

Email: info@acuitystrategy.com
Office: 281-334-6110

Fax: 281-334-6196

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